About IICR

Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution – IICR is Islamabad based independent and nonpartisan research institute (think-tank) ardent to being a source of impartial research for the government officials, scholars, journalists, young researchers, activists, and academicians. It deems to work on regional and global security issues in an unbiased manner and initiate discourses on conflict and conflict resolution. To strengthen the debate on peaceful coexistence, geo-political to geo-economic shift, and to avert the future crisis, IICR works with governments, think-tanks, universities, journalists, field experts, policy makers, and civil societies. IICR is on mission to link research and policy through analysis and youth training to comprehend the state policies and global affairs. IICR aims to conduct in-depth research to propose sound solutions and policy recommendations to deal with humanitarian and security challenges of Pakistan and the region.

What we do?

  • Conduct in-depth research on issues concerning Pakistan and the region.
  • Identify key areas of cooperation especially in the field of security.
  • Document, disseminate and strengthen peace and conflict resolution efforts through analytical discourse.
  • Identify, articulate and evaluate conflict issues through research and other academic pillars i.e. brainstorming exercises, round-tables, workshops, seminars, and conferences.
  • Critically analyze Pakistan’s political, security, socio-economic and foreign policy challenges and to support efforts to integrate the country.
  • Integrate youth in research work particularly to conflict resolution and peacemaking efforts.

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