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Prof. Dr. Hamit Ersoy
Advisory Board Member

Dr. ERSOY graduated from the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Political Science of Ankara University (1988) and had Ph.D. degree in International Relations from University of
Durham, England (1994).

Dr. ERSOY is working at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University as professor of International Relations. He had been the Secretary General of BRAF (Black Sea Broadcasting Regulatory Authorities) since 2008 and :Director General of IBRAF (Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Broadcasting Regulatory Authorities Forum) since 2011 and re-elected in May 2013 as Member of Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) by the Turkish Parliament (TBMM) for second term of six years. Before Dr. ERSOY was elected by the Parliament as the member of RTÜK, he was working as Head of International Relations Department in RTÜK. He was the General Coordinator of Socrates Programmes at the Centre for EU Education & Youth Programmes (National Agency) between 2004 and 2007. He had lectured at some private and state universities for ten years (1994-2004). Meanwhile, he worked as member of Human Rights Advisory Board of Prime Ministry and served as national expert in various EU projects including The project on establishment of National Human Rights Institution based on Paris Principles.

He conducted research at Library of Congress, Washington D.C. USA, Public Record Office, Kew, London and British Library, Wetherby Spa., England. In 1994, he obtained a “Certificate on
Human Rights Training” from CIFEDHOP (International Training Centre on Human Rights and Peace Teaching) sponsored by the European Council and UNESCO, Geneva, Switzerland. He also
worked as the Chairman of the Political-Legal Globalization Sub-Committee and the Reporteur for the Globalization Special Expertise Commission preparing the 8th Five-Year Development Plan (2001-2005) for the State Planning Organization of Turkey.

Among his publications, “BRAF: A Decade of International Cooperation in the Black Sea Basin (2008-2018)” was published in 2019 and the book entitled “Kürselleşen Dünyada Bölgesel Oluşumlar ve Türkiye” (Regional Integration and Turkey in a Globalizing World) was published in 2002. His research areas are human rights and democratization, Turkey-EU relations, Middle MEast and Turkish Foreign Policy. He lectured on International Politics, Contemporary Politics of the Middle East, and Human Rights in Global Politics and Current Issues in World Affairs.