Countering the global agony of COVID-19

Countering the global agony of COVID-19

The outbreak of the coronavirus is a huge public health concern across the world. China is the first country to face the grief consequences of this epidemic, which has a lot to share with the global community from virus detection to virus control. Chinese society suffered and many think that Chinese society was in tatters due to COVID-19. But then, China, as a responsible state tried to its fullest to stamp out the most ruthless, nimble, and destructive viral infection. Chinese swift control measures for COVID-19 have set a good example. Efforts to curtail COVID-19 are preliminary due to its novel factor, and Chinese medical researchers are rapidly learning about this evolving life challenge. The timely research conducted by Chinese scientists and gaps identified along with risk assessment helped the globe in detection of this epidemic.

To lessen human contact, Chinese authorities and the private sector worked side by side and introduced an unmanned delivery system. For instance, Meituan app and Xiaoheng (food chain) adopted this unmanned delivery system to serve the Chinese people. Though strict measures were taken, such as a long quarantine, it’s hats off to the Chinese people who cooperated with health authorities to fight this war.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Wuhan motivated patients, medical staff, security forces, volunteers, and the general public to stay calm and confident. President Xi himself is inspecting epidemic prevention and control actions. Fighting a non-traditional war is a tough task, but the hard work and commitment to end this menace made it far easier.

To this end, China’s arduous efforts turned fruitful and a decline in daily cases is seen. The first tier to curb a health emergency situation is almost completed, with maximum success especially in hard-hit areas of Hubei province. For instance, in Wuhan, 86 hospitals, approximately 16 sports venues and exhibition halls were turned into makeshift hospitals, and two new hospitals were built in less than two weeks to treat COVID-19 patients.

Chinese leadership showed the courage and took all the options, even the hardest one, just to prevent any other spread and finally are achieving the best end results.

China, an economic giant, is to achieve preeminence in the health sector. After being hit by COVID-19, China stands united and overwhelmingly strong. China’s efforts to counter COVID-19 are unparalleled in global health history. China proved to be a country where life has its actual meaning and respect, their determination to save human life has enhanced its stature not only in the international arena but in the eyes of a layman. With President Xi at the helm, Chinese society has persisted in its positive push, and normal life is recommencing swiftly.

One has to opt tough options for a hard fight, as the epidemic is spreading worldwide. At this point, when the whole globe is under severe epidemic threat, the Chinese government already showed its willingness to share its experience in combating COVID-19. China together with the WHO and international community through the exchange of information, experience and medical research could play an active role in global response to overcome the epidemic.

Sabah Aslam is the founder and executive director of the Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution, chief editor of a current affairs monthly magazine, Optimus, and was a visiting faculty member in the Department of Peace & Conflict Studies, NUML, and School of Politics & IR, Quaid-I- Azam University, Islamabad.

The opinions expressed here are those of the writer and do not represent the views of China Daily and China Daily website.

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