Trilateral Collaboration between China, Russia, and Pakistan, only way out to counter US cyberspace domination in the region

Trilateral Collaboration between China, Russia, and Pakistan, only way out to counter US cyberspace domination in the region

The developed countries, particularly the US possesses the capability to disrupt the global network, experts assert in an online conference.

The experts from China and Pakistan Thursday highlighted and expounded the broad theme of Cyber Warfare and applicability of the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC).

A virtual conference titled “Cyber Warfare and applicability of IHL” organized by the Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution (IICR), an Islamabad-based think tank in collaboration with Sichuan University Law School, was moderated by Mr Nasir Qadri, Executive Director – legal Forum for Kashmir (LFK). The panellists included Prof Yang Cuibai, Sichuan University Law School; Prof Huang Yunsong, Associate Dean, Sichuan University School of International Studies; Prof Li Dezhou, Xi’an Institute of Political Science; Dr Mou Wenfu, Research Fellow, Institute of Law, Sichuan Academy of Social Science.

Speaking at the conference, Prof Yang Cuibai, a professor from Sichuan University Law School, said that we need to solve all the issues pertaining to Cyber warfare in a strategic way. Cooperation should be the priority and these issues should be resolved through peaceful ways.

He added that, “The Chinese government focuses on strengthening the cyberspace by employing both offensive and defensive mechanisms. The offensive measures include pre-emptive tackling and outmaneuvering so as to ensure timely dissipation of threats and attacks.”

While speaking to the panel, Prof Li Dezhou, a professor at Xi’an Institute of Political Science, said that if we would not have a global network, we would not be able to live. We are worried once this network collapses how we might not be able to continue living, as developed countries have the capability to disrupt this global network despite being thousands of kilometres away.

He further said that the need of the hour is to establish a community with shared future for all states to safeguard this global network, and moreover stay prudent in safeguarding the global network from any external threats and attacks.

 Dr Mou Wenfu, Research Fellow at Institute of Law, Sichuan Academy of Social Science, while speaking about the International Armed Conflict between Russia and Ukraine said that the two countries are violating IHL particularly citing the Nicaragua judgement which refers to the ‘principle of sovereignty’ which is the cornerstone of international law.

The speakers concluded that SCO member states should cooperate and develop a mechanism to counter the threats to the cybersecurity in the region. The panellists also recommended a trilateral collaboration between China, Russia, and Pakistan, to counter US cyberspace domination in the region. The collaboration and cooperation would also ensure the proposal and implementation of new models for legislation in the digital field.

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